Lead Developer / Project Manager

About the opportunity: A leading Proprietary Trading company wants a Project Manager/Lead Developer to come join their engineering team and help build out their infrastructure. This is a Proprietary Trading company that builds its own trading platforms and execution strategies for internal clients. A C++ or C# developer will join a team of engineers to help expand functionality. An ideal candidate will have some hands-on experience with C#, C++, and architecting, implementing, and interacting with futures exchange APIs. To be successful at our firm, this person needs to have solid experience in high performance computing and development in financial markets.  The candidate must be a team player with strong listening skills and is willing to learn from other technical resources.   We provide an informal atmosphere with strategic and focused outcomes.
Technically Speaking: 
Key Skills: Leadership Skills: Project Development, Lead Developer or Lead Architect Experience
High Performance Software Development Skills: C# Trading Application UI development experience or C++ Market Data Feed/Exchange Gateway Development Experience
Experience with trading applications and frameworks familiarity with C++11 a plus
Description: Responsible for the coding, testing, debugging and documentation of trading system infrastructure software applications.  Includes hands-on new development as well as enhancement, maintenance and support of existing applications.  Work closely with traders and business analysts to identify and specify complex business requirements and processes.  Research and evaluate alternative solutions and make recommendations.
Duties and Responsibilities: 
–Develop trading systems using C/C++Highly skilled with Unix/Linux operating systems
- Experience in high performance computing programming
- An understanding of networking and socket programming
- Experience with trading applications and frameworks
– Take ownership of the development of new highly-responsive, user interface components and automated trade execution.
- Construct visualizations that are able to smoothly and accurately depict vast amounts of data in UI display.
- Network troubleshooting and networked message processing.
- Work seamlessly with the rest of the engineering team (e.g. back-end & technical).
- Excellent and effective verbal and written communication skills.
- Solid understanding of systems architecture and design concepts.
- Solid with data structures, STL algorithms, C++ templates and some experience with system programming.
- Experience working with open source libraries like Boost and ACE.Experience with relational database integration and SQL.
- Strong analytic and problem solving skills.
- Optimize our flexible and well-structured front-end to back-end architecture, along with the APIs to support it.
- Profiling and dynamic program analysis.Solid with data structures, STL algorithms, C++ templates and some experience with system programming.
- Iterate quickly based on customer and internal feedback.
- Experience working with open source libraries like Boost and ACE.
- Experience with relational database integration and SQL.B.S. in computer science or other science/Engineering degree, higher degree a plus.

Eldorado Trading Group LLC is an innovative proprietary trading firm that actively participates in capital markets all around the world. At Eldorado we firmly stick to a "work-hard/play hard" philosophy with clear recognition that the former must precede the latter.

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