2015 Eldorado Trading Challenge

Eldorado Trading Group is proud to announce its new online trading challenge!  Beginning June 1st, entries will be accepted for the individual Trader or University/Team Trading categories.
Entrants will have their trading strategies analyzed, back-tested, tested in Eldorado Trading’s proprietary simulated trading environment...and if warranted... developed and run in a real-time trading environment through algorithmic and automated trading systems in our Chicago offices!

Submissions will be accepted through August 31st and one winner from each category will be chosen.  The individual winner, and up to two team members from the University/Team category may be offered trading contracts with Eldorado Trading Group based on their submission and live-testing results!

Challenge Details

Algorithmic Trading Competition
Competition Details:

–Entrants may be teams or individuals

-Strategies must trade exchange listed futures instruments (outrights or spreads) on any of the following exchanges:  CME Group, ICE, Eurex, CFEStrategies must be coded in EasyLanguage (Tradestation)

-Strategies will be judged based on risk/reward metrics, execution assumptions, and profit/transaction costs

–Winner will have opportunity to deploy the strategy in live markets and potentially participate in profits

–Strategies may be submitted any time prior to August 31,2020 to: [email protected]

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