Trader Trainee

About the opportunity:
We are hiring Trader Trainees for our next paid training program that will last approximately 8 weeks and lead to promotion upon your successful completion of the program. We will be accepting applications later this fall. Upon completion, you will transition to:
-Proprietary Account Trader
-Firm Market Maker
-Algorithmic Trader
Description: You will have the opportunity to complete a six to eight week training program designed to transform a candidate with no experience into commodity and futures trader who understands trading principles and strategies and has been educated to make appropriate trading decisions.
- Bachelors Degree or higher
- Relocation to Chicago if not already residing in Chicagoland area
- Desire to build a career in high finance 
- Willingness to work non-typical hours
- Ability to work autonomously 

*** Knowledge of futures and derivatives markets preferred 
*** Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Business, or Engineering a plus

About Eldorado: 

We provide an informal atmosphere and frequently host group outings, team building exercises, retreats, organized team activities (Eldorado soccer team, basketball team, etc.). Eldorado is a great place to work and meet people, with an opportunity unlike any your are likely to find anywhere else. 

We are looking to fill the Trader Trainee position early summer!

Eldorado Trading Group LLC is an innovative proprietary trading firm that actively participates in capital markets all around the world. At Eldorado we firmly stick to a "work-hard/play hard" philosophy with clear recognition that the former must precede the latter.

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  • 312 332 4959

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  • 70 W Madison Suite 2650 Chicago, IL 60602

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